ImageI like my coffee, so much so that I buy green beans in bulk and roast them myself. That way I get the freshest coffee, and I can roast it the way I like.

I buy green beans in bulk from Green Beanery in Toronto, (if you are in the USA, take a look at Sweet Maria's) the cost is around one tenth the price of roasted coffee you buy in a store. Roasting is the point in the process where the coffee companies add value, or at least add to the price you pay. You can get a coffee roaster that looks like a popcorn machine for around $70, and I would recommend it if you want to increase the enjoyment of your coffee and reduce your costs at the same time.

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Also note that once roasted, the coffee starts to lose its flavor within 5 days, so the packet you buy in a store could be weeks old. There is no comparison to coffee you just roasted that day.

So, that explains the coffee, but what about the link I mentioned in the title? Well, until recently I was just using Google Adsense for monetizing some of my web sites.

Things were going well, and revenue was steadily increasing. I have since started selling links, on a monthly and yearly basis, both on specific pages and site wide. It represented a welcomed quantum jump in revenue.

Some of that income goes into my Paypal account, and due to the fluctuations in the exchange rates I keep it in US dollars. Recently it was time to buy some more bulk green beans, 50 lbs this time, and I noticed the vendor I use accepts paypal. Woohoo! - So I used some of my income from selling a text link to pay for my coffee.

The coffee arrived the other day, in two large boxes. I look at those boxes and think to myself, "those boxes were the result of a single link I sold on one of my websites." It is a tangible reminder, at least until I drink it. Then it will be a tasty reminder.

Until next time.


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