ImageA business spotlight is the opportunity to give a presentation about your business at a networking meeting. Most Chamber Of Commerce meetings or networking meetings offer spotlight opportunities to their members. They can be about 10-15 minutes in duration usually.

Spotlights can be an incredible source of new business. Obviously it depends on what kind of business you do, and who is in the audience you are presenting. Whenever I do a spotlight, I get new clients. One book I read said that at least one in ten people in the audience will approach you after the meeting. So, if you present a spotlight to about 40 people, then you could end up with about 4 leads!

If you are in business, and you are looking for new clients, I urge you to take advantage of such opportunities. Sign up for a business spotlight in advance. Make sure your prepare a good presentation, and rehearse it well. Points to cover are your products or services, who are your target market, your positioning, and lots of benefits of what you offer.

Be certain to explain in your presentation what makes a good lead for you. Make it easy for others to refer business to you. Don't just focus on the audience as your prey, and get into 'trawling' mode as I have described in previous articles. See the audience as your peers and that you seek their help, or you are showing them what you have to offer.

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I also suggest you prepare a handout to give people to take away from the meeting. People like it when you give away something, rather than try to keep everything to yourself in the expectation that someone has to pay to get even the time of day from you. It is amazing too how people hold on to useful handouts. I have seen some that I gave out a year or more previously. Some members will give your handout to others, so be sure to have your contact information on it.

If it is appropriate, you can include some sort of draw prize as well. It could be a free initial trial of your product or service. Get people to put their business cards into a hat and pick one for the winner. And keep the cards for your mailing list.

If you are shy of talking to a group, then join a Toastmasters club. it is an excellent way to build your confidence and skills.


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