Photo Exhibition

For the whole month of March 2006 I have an exhibit of photographs at the Terry Fox library in Port Coquitlam.

Any day during the month of March, you are welcome to visit the library during their open hours (see link above) and view some of my photographs. They were all taken in the local area.

This is my second public exhibition of my photographs. I have some other photographs on display in a Chinese restaurant in Langley, but so far noone has bought any there. I am more hopeful that this new exhibition at the library will lead to some sales of my work. The typical customer in the restaurant is not perhaps the sort of person to want to buy my photographs.

I hope you get a chance to visit. If you do, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment below, and tell me what you thought. I also plan to update this article with some pictures of the library with my photographs hanging there, so come back in a few days to see what's changed here.



March 1 Update:

Last night, I went to the library and all the photographs are hanging up on display. There is a lot to think about, such as where to hang which photograph, and making sure they are secured. Next event I will plan out where each photograph goes to  better focus attention on what I want the visitors to see.

Today is the first day of the exhibition, and I am all excited about it.

March 4 Update:

The library said I can keep my photos on display for April as well, since the next exhibitor pulled out. I am glad for the extra exposure. So you have even more time to visit the library and see what is there. I will probably add some more photos to the display as well. I have more that I can add. The Library also put some information about the exhibit on their website, and announced it to the local papers. Last night I saw that I was mentioned in the Now newspaper (local free paper here) Click here to see article.

March 7 Update:

This is one week that my pictures are on display. So far no calls. I was thinking today that I need to get some kind of gallery interested in this. Perhaps I can contact local art galleries to invite them to visit the library.

If you have a contact in the art/framing business, perhaps you can point them here. They may be interested in marketing limited edition prints of my photographs. If you have been in this situation yourself, I would certainly appreciate your ideas on marketing my photographs.

March 24 Update:

My photos are on display in Port Coquitlam until the end of April, then they will be moving to Maple Ridge for the month of May. I managed to book some wall space there. I have had several people, mostly friends and aquaintances give me positive comments. Still noone has called about purchasing any. Either people are not so much into buying framed photographs, or I am on the wrong approach. After May I will try something different. As yes, I don't know what. If you have an idea, please contact me.

April 27 Update:

Tonight I get to take down my photographs. In a few days they will be moving to Maple Ridge for the month of May.

June 1 Final Update:

My show in Maple Ridge is over. I got no responses from anyone there. One friend said that people over there are not the kind who would buy photographs. Another suggested that people go to libraries because they do not or can not afford to buy books. So I would not likely get any responses.

What did I get out of the two shows? Well I learned about preparing a set of pictures for the event. I learned some things about framing pictures the hard way, such as making sure you glue your photo to stiff backing board so that it will not warp in the frame. I also learned some about the sort of response I would get. For example, I asked all my friends and colleagues to attend, and although many promised to go, few did. I expected some calls about the pictures, but none came. I did try and promote the events, and in some cases I was successful, but still that is not enough to get me any sales.

It is not over for me, but I plan to regroup and decide on my next steps.