Duncan in a kayakMy latest update, and I am continuing on course. My wife is happy with her weight loss too. She sorted though her wardrobe and got rid of a load of 'fat' clothes, that no longer fit. I shrunk my shirt size and my waist size, so I will be gradually replacing some of my clothing too.

We have been quite active, doing kayaking and cycling a lot. The activity is good to keep my blood pressure in range. I find a sedentary life leads to higher blood pressure, but lots of exercise can fix that (a drug free treatment).

Blood Glucose Level

I have been keeping my average blood glucose level low, so that when my body craves sugar it will have to convert fat to get it. My last two weeks average is 5.3 mmol/L (95.4 mg/dl). The good news is that in the mornings recently my blood glucose level has been lower. Before, I spiked a bit in the morning, which is a common condition. Well not any more for me.

To me the lower morning blood glucose level was a sign that it was time to dial back the medications again. So, I reduced my Metformin dosage to half a pill in the morning and evening. After doing this a week, I can say that my morning blood glucose level is remaining low. If you look up about Metformin, it inhibits activity in the liver, such as converting fat to glucose. Such activity gets in the way of my weight loss goals, so reducing Metformin is a plus at this point. And since my blood glucose level is still really good, I am safe to do this.

Weight Loss

As my weight is going in the right direction, I don't feel the need to hide my weight. As of today I am down 40 lbs since I began in March. I am tracking my weight daily, and plotting it in Excel. I have a target of 208 lbs, at which point I will no longer be obese, I will be overweight. I am only 12 lbs away from that goal currently. My spreadsheet calculates how many days at my current rate it will take me to get to my goal. It is very motivating to see the progress.

My weight dropped to 220 lbs today after my morning bike ride. That is the lowest since I began in March, when I was over 260 lbs.

My wife still shuts me out of the bathroom when she checks her weight, but she reports that she is making progress in the right direction.

Helping Others

As we progress on our journey, people around us start to take notice. One friend of mine recently put out some plain almonds with a cup of tea for me, when I visited. Before she would serve cake. We also notice others who are going in the wrong direction, and we try to help by sharing our story and trying to steer them to more healthy low-carb food choices. Not everyone is at a teachable point in their life. I only got it back in March. The good news is that in a relatively short time, I am able to change direction for the better. We have loaned our copy of The Diabetes Code out to 2 different people so far. To me that is the most helpful book on the subject.

Also, posting my articles here have been a benefit to some. People have read these and sent me feedback. If you find these articles helpful, please consider to do two things:

  1. Share them with others.
  2. Send me some feedback.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is based on my own experience. Your mileage may vary. Check with your doctor before doing anything drastic based on what I wrote above.