Rusty Switch
As you try new things and achieve results, the results become a tangible record of your achievements. You learn that you can do more than you thought you could, and it leads to self-confidence and less fear, which enables you to try more new things.

For New Year's weekend, we went to our cabin again. After previously fixing the plumbing, this time we decided to repair a light switch in the carport that was long overdue.

Rusty Old Switch

The picture above shows the rusty old switch. It was mounted in a metal box, with a metal cover, but it looks like an indoor-type switch. After making sure the power was off, we removed the cover to see all the rust inside and also evidence of arcing. The box and the switch were not waterproof, and that had led to the failure of the switch. This switch had not been working for a long time.


New Switch Installed

This next photo shows the new switch and switch box installed. This one is a waterproof one, with a waterproof gasket and cover to protect the switch. We also moved the switch box to a location that is less exposed to the rain, and the wire enters the box from the bottom instead of the top. In the old unit, it was clear that water had got in from the top by running down the wire, and I wanted to stop that happening.

We made sure also that the switch box and cover plate are grounded as they should be, so that any leak, if it ever did happen would blow the breaker and not cause injury. I am pleased to report the repair was a success, and we now have working lights in the carport area.

Personal Development

This mini project got me to thinking again about home improvement as a form of personal development. I came up with this diagram:


The more you try things, the more you achieve. Even when you fail, you learn valuable experience which ultimately leads to success. A relevant phrase I recall from Jack Canfield is "The Universe rewards action with feedback." And over time, the results accumulate and are a visible record of your achievement. This leads to self-confidence and the courage to try new things.

One of the amazing results of this process as we do more, we gain more confidence and we start looking at other projects we want to take on. Pat was looking at a sofa that needs repair, with new eyes. We already have a plan for what we are going to do and how we will do it. Neither of us have studied how to repair furniture, but since we have already achieved so much, it stands to reason (in our view) that we can achieve this. Our beliefs have changed, and we have significant amounts of evidence to support our new beliefs.

It may take some trial and error at times, but those are just steps along the way to success. Just like with Edison and his invention of the light bulb, where he tried thousands of different filaments until he came upon the right one.

Safety First

I should also point out that to achieve something may also need you to study and learn how to do it correctly and/or safely, such as in the case of working on minor home electrical repairs. If you are planning to try something like this yourself, make sure you get the information from a reliable source. There are many good books at your local library or bookstore, and the folks at the local hardware store are always keen to advise. Best of luck in your next project!


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