ImageBe careful what you wish for, you may get just what you ask...

Not too long ago, I was working in a job that was less than desirable. Things were not going my way. So I put a to-do item in my PDA titled "Exit Plan".


I knew I had to get out of there, and that was effectively the goal I had set. For months, I set about trying to find something else, so that I could switch. I mean, not everyone can do without an income, so I was looking for something else.

It should not have been any surprise then, that I did not manage to get another job. I ended up getting laid off, when they had a company re-organization. I looked at my goals and realized that I got exactly what I had asked for.

My goal included getting out of the job I was unhappy in, but it did not mention replacing that job with another. It did not mention getting a better job or more money, or any other things. The only item was to escape the place I was in. I succeeded.

I knew from listening to people like Wayne Dyer and others, that whatever you focus on expands, and whatever goals you set will be like a magnet to attract the reality to you. It is like when you find a lamp that has a genie inside that grants you anything you wish. The reality is that the genie does not want your happiness, but is trapped into granting wishes. They like to grant just what you asked, but somehow twist it in a way that you are not going to be happy with.

When I saw my mistake, I set a new goal "Get a good job". Now I could be more detailed, and specify what "good" meant. I figured I knew what it meant and that was enough. Yes, I know about SMART goals, but this was good enough for me. I could focus on a good income, or interesting tasks to do, or a shorter commute etc. What I was looking for was more like a combination of several factors, and I could trade off some of one factor for another if it came to it.

So, about a week later, I was able to cross off that goal. It was like when I put down the goal, it turned on the faucet, and from the infinite universe flowed the reality that I wanted. I got the good job.

So, when you set goals, remember the genie. Be sure to ask for what you want, and not miss out some important detail.