Have you ever had some sort of addiction that you always wanted to deal with? Read on.

ChipsMy friend said she had a problem, she was addicted to potato chips. She could not stop eating them, and it was affecting her health. Not only that, she knew it was a problem and had been unable to do anything about it, which made her doubt her ability to ever fix herself.

I tried some techniques I learned from Tony Robbins a long while back. I asked my friend about what she liked about chips, and which were her favorites. I was trying to determine the parameters that could affect her desire for chips, and understand what was going on.

ImageI worked out what would make her desire for chips increase, and then focused on what might make the desire decrease. I had to find something that would make chips totally revolting. The solution that came to me was her cats. This lady loves cats you see. So I asked if she could imagine her chips covered in cat vomit. I know this sounds gross, but that is the intention. You have to make it vivid and distasteful in order to cure the addiction.

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So from then on I kept bombarding her with mental images of chips covered in cat vomit. I made up stories of how the chip manufacturers actually use cat vomit because it tastes like sour cream and onion flavor (which was formerly her favorite flavor). I said how in the factories they have many cats in cages, throwing up, so that they collect the vomit for the flavor coating.

I learned you have to keep at it from different directions until it sticks (no pun intended). I kept making up gross stories involving cat vomit and chips, each more silly and vividly gross than the last.

The result is now my friend is no longer a slave to an addiction to potato chips, and has not ate any since.


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