Editors ColumnHello again,

Hope you are doing well. As you can tell, I have been focused a lot on my health recently. It took me some time get it, and now I am committed, I am making good progress.

I just updated the look of Big Dreams. For some years, I had kept it the same. not wanting to disturb anything. I got so many attacks from hackers, trying to deface the site, that I locked down everything. Even that was not enough, as they would still get in and destroy.

I recently upgraded my version of Joomla, and then found out the template I was using was not so compatible. I tried newer templates, until I ended up with the one I have now. Now I need to take a backup, before someone breaks in and disturbs what I have. With websites, it is not so much as if but when it will happen. I typically have the most recent backup as a zip in a directory, so I can unzip and restore the site to a known state.

Big Dreams started in 1994, and was originally in print. I have an archive of some of the older issues still. This version has articles back to 2004. So this is about 24 years old now. There have been some big gaps in the publishing, but we are still going. My focus has shifted over those years. I was a lot more into personal development and small business topics at the start. Right now, my focus is a combination of family and health. I am grandpa to four grandchildren, and soon to be one more. There is a lot of babysitting.