LimesI’ve been suffering from a bad cold, which followed a bad flu and several other illnesses. It seems like most of the winter went by with me struggling to function while under attack by various viruses. I don’t know if I am just more prone to illness these days, perhaps my age is a factor? I know many other people who are also sick, so I wonder if there is some especially strong virus strain that is going around the world this year. It seems that having taken the flu shot has done me no good.

So if avoidance is not possible, coping becomes the issue. I try to continue my life without acknowledging the illness, and not letting it dictate my life. I try to continue my work and enjoy some play time in spite of it all.

I try not to infect others, I don’t want to cause suffering for others. Plus there is the hope that if enough people avoid contact we could halt or at least slow down the progress of the infections. This bites when I have to avoid family and friends. I certainly don’t want to share this with my grandchildren.

At least I can have video chats with some folks, you can’t catch anything that way - or can you? I recently found that skype was causing my computer to crash, perhaps the virus has mutated into the cyber world? That would be something to make you panic. Imagine you could create a virus and spread it via computers and cell phones around the world and cause a pandemic as it mutates back from the cyber world to infect humans!

I load up on vitamins, zinc, echinacea, cold fx and eat fruit and vegetables. No difference though.