Image When writing articles, I often get hung up on the fact that others had covered a topic so well. I feel that to repeat them, would be a waste of effort. Perhaps I should just refer people to the relevant book or tape program for the answers.

Its like the principle of first mover advantage, which is an insurmountable advantage gained by the first company or person to move into a new market. If a company built a gas pipe from Alaska for example, then it would not make sense to build another pipe. It has been done, and that is enough.

I heard a quote recently in a movie (The Last Samurai) - "A man must do what he can, until his  destiny is revealed."

This had me thinking. Perhaps at some point in the future I will come across something which will be my topic, my destiny, and I will be driven to talk about it. Until that time, I should do the best I can and not censor myself. Whatever I do will probably not be the greatest now, but it could be essential in preparing me for what lies ahead.

Perhaps while exploring other topics, it will lead me to my own topic. I can’t say for now. So far pretty much all I have written about, is not new. I read and listen to tapes and absorb information, and I try to share the good things that I find. It’s like I fill my cup to overflowing with cool ideas and they spill out.