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  • Would you like to set goals?  

  • Would you like more time to get those goals done?

  • Do you have a specific plan to achieve those goals?

For the nation, this is the only time the majority of people declare goals for their life.  The New Year has rung in and everyone is looking to do something with his or her body, mind and life. The trick is to have a formula for success in obtaining your goal. Setting New Year’s Resolutions is one big goal setting exercise. We are now almost one month in to January – how are your Resolutions coming along?

I have come up with three tools that have helped me to stick to my goals.  I have lost weight within specified times; my wife and I have found and bought our first house within our specified goal and finished projects on that new house right on time.  I am a member of Toastmasters, Int., Central PAASTD and manage a successful training career for AT&T Wireless in which the majority of my job is comprised of delivering extensive training programs - which demands incredible goal setting.  I also have a goal to launch a part-time business called Soaring Eagle Performance that deals with motivational and inspirational speaking.

First, know your destination.  I equate this to an airplane flight.  In each case, the pilots know where they want to go.  They have to pick a city, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, or Dallas, before they takeoff.  Once airborne they have to keep making slight adjustments to make sure they are still on course for their final destination.  

So, for someone that wants to “lose weight,” or “make more money” is not enough they need to be quantified.  To say “I want to lose 100 pounds,” or “I want to make $50,000 a year” are quantifying statements.  There has to be a specific, measurable number tied to it.  Now you are seeing your final destination.

Secondly, manage your time.  This will insure that actual, quantifiable steps are taken.  A day-timer, like one from Franklin Covey, or an electronic organizer such as a Palm Pilot or Microsoft Outlook has excellent scheduling calendars.  This will allow you to actually see the progress you wish to make and then reflect on the progress you’ve made – everyone likes a sense of accomplishment!

Lastly, keep it real.  If you wish to lose 100 pounds, know that it won’t take place within a week or two.  It may take several months.  The danger of setting an unrealistic time frame is that when it doesn’t happen in the short run, you will get disappointed and frustrated.  But, by “eating that elephant one bite at a time,” you will get there in what will seem like no time at all.

So, now I ask you, how is your plan set for goal setting?   I challenge you to set at least three goals for the next month - and stick to them.

Mike Nissley

Soaring Eagle Performance

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