ImageIt is important to keep learning new things. In The Artists Way, the author says to continually re-stock the well of your mind with new ideas. In Darwin theory, the law of requisite variety says that the one with the most ways to adapt will survive and flourish. If you want to survive and flourish, you had better be adding to your repertoire of ideas.

And some ideas have a shelf life, and need to be replaced. You can't keep doing things the old ways, you need to seek new and better ways to achieve your goals.

If you get just one small idea that can improve your life each time you read a book, and you continuously read books, you will get a steady stream of new ideas that can help improve the quality of your life.

A good idea is to keep a journal and write down some of those gems you find on your way. Many an idea is ephemeral and soon gone. Collect good ideas in a safe place, because they will be worth more than gold in time.

Also, it can help to share these ideas with others. That way the benefits can be multiplied, and it helps you to think of those ideas as you teach them. It is an accelerated learning technique to teach to others that which you have just learned, since you have to be clear in your own mind when you share it with others.


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