ImageAfter about 3 years break, I have decided to resume publishing Big Dreams.

Over the years I was publishing before, it was a very satisfying, and I have wanted to resume.

One of the challenges was publishing on a regular schedule, and coming up with what I considered decent content. Sometimes people would submit articles, but most were self-promoting. That left me to come up with material. I got concerned I was repeating myself and the editor in me blocked  much of what I wrote from being published.

Since I am restarting, I am trying a new approach. I am using a package called mambo to manage the content and present it on the web site. Things have come a long way from when I started writing, and it makes sense to move with the times.

In this new format you can also log in and contribute articles. You can also post comments on articles, rate them , etc.

The original Big Dreams still lives, and you can view it here.

Editor, Big Dreams