Big Dreams welcomes submissions. That is, you are welcome to contribute articles to be published online. Here are the guidelines:

Articles have to fall within the focus of this newsletter, in order to be selected for publication. The focus of this newsletter is personal development and topics related to starting a small business.

I like to keep a positive tone throughout Big Dreams. The articles should not only be informative, but also encouraging. I like readers to feel more ready to take on the world after reading Big Dreams.

Before you write an article. Read the past articles from Big Dreams. It will give you an idea of the sort of articles that would fit.

Big Dreams is a free newsletter. I have no money to pay for articles, so don't ask. What I will do is fully credit authors, both in the printed version and the web version. If you have a home page somewhere, I will make your name into a link to your page.

Any article you submit remains your property. However, by submitting it for publication in Big Dreams, you hereby grant unlimited rights to publish and distribute your article.

Submission does not guarantee publication.

Your article should be concise. Most of the best books, tapes, articles, memos and business plans I have seen are short and to the point.

Editor, Big Dreams