ImageAround April this year my doctor diagnosed me as having type 2 diabetes. One of the key things I needed to do was lose some weight. Like many people in North America, I had let my weight get out of control and was in the obese category. Truth is I never really gave it much thought. Fat was something that happened to other people, I just had big bones or something like that. :)

So after recovering from the initial shock, I worked out a diet program, and stepped up my exercise too. At first the information was overwhelming, every well-meaning friend wanted to share their views on what I should eat. I have since come to my own plan, which is based on reducing the amount of high-glycaemic index foods.

Weight Chart
Chart of my progress (click for larger view)

Since April I am down about 40 lbs so far (I was about 265 lbs at the start of the year). I am gradually losing around 5 lbs a month which is fine for me. I just recently dipped below 225 lbs. My current goal is to get below 210 lbs, which for my height takes me out of the obese zone. And I have been seeing my doctor regularly, which I would recommend to anyone.

I found it has been like breaking bad habbits, teaching myself to eat less, and avoiding some foods altogether. As I progress, cravings for such forbidden foods have diminished, and I am quite comfortable with my lifestyle. I started charting my weight around July, when I got a new bathroom scale. Until that point I would not own such a device, but now I am grateful for it. I weigh myself each night, and chart it in excel. Looking back I see the progress I have made, and it encourages me greatly.

I'll be keeping you posted on my progress. I have little doubt I will reach my goal, sincce I have come so far already.