It took a while for Dave to go through the book and the worksheets. Over the next few weeks, with help from Sue, he came up with a personal mission statement and list of his values. It was quite an eye opening experience for Dave. He found that he already had values, yet he never put them on paper.

Sue explained that mission and values are like a compass that points in the right direction. Everyone has values and a purpose, but few people ever take the time and self-exploration necessary to uncover them. The result is that they waste a lot of their lives doing things of little consequence.

Dave had also formalized the relationship with Sue by becoming a client of her coaching practice. Although they had been friends for a long time, he saw the value of the help she had given him.

From Sue’s perspective, she had started off just giving advice to her friend Dave. She was happy to help an old friend. But recently, she found that she really wanted Dave to succeed. It was like she had taken ownership in part for his success. Perhaps it was that she was reminded of herself a few years ago when she looked at Dave.

Over the next while, Dave worked on his mid- and long-term goals. He used his values and purpose as a guide. Any goal had to be consistent with his values, and it had to somehow relate to his purpose.

As he put his goals together, he began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He saw how achieving his goals would help him achieve his purpose.

Life seemed different to Dave now. He had a sense of direction. Although he had not changed his job or anything else yet, his knowledge gave him a new sense of hope. Some of his workmates also noticed a change in him. He was more cheerful. It was as if a cloud had been removed from above him.

Dave met with Sue again.

“I feel a lot different,” said Dave.

“You are different. Your eyes are more open to where you want to go. You see your future and what you need to do to get there.”

“Yes! It’s like waking up after a long sleep. I feel more alive.” Said Dave.

“Well that feeling can wear off. You have to keep your eyes on your purpose, your goals. Many people stumble when they focus on obstacles. Expect obstacles, but don’t let them distract you from your purpose.”

Dave wrote himself another note:

I must keep my eyes on my purpose & values.
If I focus on the obstacles, I will stumble.

Dave had a lot to learn. Sue gave him books to read and tapes to listen to. Each week they would review what he had learned.