Cut Loose

After some prospecting, Dave got his first consulting contract. The next day he returned to his employer to deliver his resignation. This quite surprised his boss.

“I thought you would be among the last to leave,” said his boss. “You always seemed to be the kind that never complains.”

“I was, but I decided to live for myself rather than for others,” Dave smiled. “I used to be afraid of losing my job, but no more. From now on, I create my own opportunities.”

“I admire you Dave,” said his boss, “you seem to have it all worked out.”

“Thanks.” Dave said. He left his now ex-employer a free man. He was so happy that day. He understood that this is the way life should be.

About a week later, Dave was more than happy, working on his new contract and earning more money too. He thought about where he had come from. His ex-employer was not likely to last another year. Most of his ex-workmates were now unemployed. The funny thing was that they were waiting for the economy to turn around and for their jobs to reappear. To Dave it seemed like they were waiting in the rain for a bus that had already left. The industry where he came from would never be the same again.

Those of his ex-workmates who were lucky to be employed elsewhere were working longer hours for even less pay. They were miserable, but they just seemed to accept it. Dave had a hard time understanding their thinking. It was clearly broken.

Dave had taken the big step. He was now free. He was also responsible for his own future, his own success or failure. He now felt more empowered than ever before.

“I wonder why I stayed there so long?” Dave thought to himself. Looking back, he saw the life he lived as an employee was like a shadow compared with his life now. Dave felt so glad that he had decided to take the reins.

Dave met with Sue for lunch again.

“You know Sue, I think I finally understand things. Before, as an employee, it was just an idea. Now that I have done it, I understand more clearly. I've woken up.” said Dave.

“That’s an interesting observation Dave. I understand exactly how you feel. That's what led me to become a personal coach. I love to work with people who are on the verge of awakening. It is like I am a witness to some sort of miracle. It is a special moment.” said Sue.

Sue looked out the window of the restaurant. “Can you imagine what a world it would be if we all lived our dreams? If everyone was doing something that they truly loved, rather than just getting by?”

“I'm beginning to.” said Dave.

“You made it Dave, and I'm glad for you. I know that from now on you’re going to be fine.” Said Sue.

“Thanks Sue. I may encounter obstacles, but I know I can deal with them.”

“Same time next week?” asked Sue.

“Sure thing,” said Dave.

The End