Hard Work

Spurred on by his new sense of purpose, Dave worked on his dream. He realized that he had so much to do, so much to learn. He was scared and excited at the same time.

Sue knew what Dave was going through. She helped him instinctively with what he needed to do.

Dave learned all he could about starting his own business, which he had decided would be a consulting business. All his years of experience in the industry would be of value to several companies. He also saw the potential for hiring some of his workmates in the future.

Sue was also impressed with Dave’s progress. Many people would have given up before this point. It is hard to consider going it alone when you’re in a comfort zone of employment. She saw that she could learn a few points from Dave.

Dave worked on his business plan evenings and weekends. The image of his business was taking shape more and more daily. As he set about completing some of the early steps, he gained momentum. Soon he had much of the research done, and he had lined up various resources his business would need.

Little by little, Dave was becoming an Entrepreneur. It was no longer a wish or a fancy. It was not just a business plan. He had started on the path, and was already irreversibly changed for the better.